Project H2O has teamed up with multiple counties along the IRL in order to teach homeowners the best practices for implementing and maintaining a Lagoon-Friendly lawn and yard.

You can call us the Florida East Coast Society for Preserving Florida for Boating, Fishing, and Drinks with Little Umbrellas. Be Floridian Now is calling on all Floridians to help protect what makes Florida so fun and protecting the Indian River Lagoon.

skip the fertilizer
You can save our Indian River Lagoon and Be Floridian Now with the following steps:

1. Skip the fertilizer during the summer months, fertilize only once during the fall and once during the spring if you must.

2. Cut out the grass! Use shrubs, small trees or other ground covers besides turf grass.

3. Put the right plant in the right place. Know what kind of plants work best in Florida’s climate and in your yard. Sunny, shady, or soggy.

4. Save your water (bill). Don’t water you yard until you see footprints and the leaves of your plants are curling! Check your sprinklers, too!

5. Give pesticides and herbicides a pass. Hand pluck those pests and weeds and save the IRL from those unwanted chemicals.

For more information on saving the Indian River Lagoon’s fun, visit or email:

We need your help to teach Floridians about the best yard maintenance practices. We will be attending events with our big pink tent, pink flamingos and smiling faces to teach homeowners about native plants, fertilizer practices, and alternative ground covers.
For more information about volunteering for Be Floridian Now, contact