Our initatives are a team effort.


Project H2O brings together our partners on 5 teams:
Research, Reduction, Restoration, Citizen Science, and Education.

Each team has their own sets of goals to better the Volusia County Watershed and bring strength to Project H2O.

THE RESEARCH TEAM is working on identifying gaps in current research, restoration, and water quality within Volusia County.
The gaps identified will provide a guide to the areas of most need in of Project H2O’s help.

THE RESTORATION TEAM is drafting a plan for future and priority Restoration work throughout the county. This would include projects like oyster reef reconstruction/ restoration, shoreline mapping and restoration and exotic plant removals to better our waterways.

THE REDUCTION TEAM has a goal of reducing the input of nutrients into Volusia County waters. The excess nutrients enter the system daily through storm water, wastewater, and improper fertilizer use which has many negative impacts on our water, including the harmful algae blooms in the Indian River Lagoon.

THE EDUCATION TEAM will expand efforts surrounding Project H2O in order to educate citizens and students of the problems and solutions in the Volusia County watershed. This team will work very closely with Be Floridian Now to increase awareness of the Volusia County Fertilizer Ordinance and Florida-Friendly lawn techniques.

THE CITIZEN SCIENCE TEAM is increasing the involvement of citizens and students in the Volusia County area in order to raise awareness and create stewards of the environment. When more people are involved with surveying, sampling and monitoring, more people become invested in the water that gives each of us life.

Protect Florida Waters